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Charlie’s SOAP BOX: Going commando in Cyprus (VIDEO – no not that kind)

By Charlie Charalambous

There are a few things that don’t add up.

Why, in the middle of delicate peace negotiations pre-Geneva II, were a few hundred Israeli commandos invited to run around the Troodos Mountains?

Nobody is actually quite sure what they were doing as the government kept very quiet about it.

Apparently we are upgrading our geopolitical role in the region to become not only an energy superpower but also a military heavyweight.

There has been no plausible explanation as to what the week-long joint military exercises were for.

Or any clues as to the kind of uneven partnership Cyprus and Israel are ready to share on the world stage.

The war games were reportedly Israel’s largest-ever in Cyprus and one of its biggest on foreign soil, requiring the transport of much equipment for a scenario that was kept under wraps.

Hold on.

Has the island suddenly become a training ground for the Israeli army? It’s not as if we are lacking in the foreign guns and tanks department.

This has obviously upset the Turks who need no excuse to raise tension on the island.

Opposition Akel have also taken the government to task over the purpose of having several hundred elite Israeli commandos on manoeuvres in Cyprus.

Were the drills in the national interest or has Cyprus morphed into a hub for other people’s war games?

Don’t expect answers to that question unless it has something to do with building a gas pipeline from Israel to Europe.

The issue is as nonsensical as primary school teachers going on strike over fears of job security for their colleagues.

In reality, they want to uphold an archaic appointment system which has nothing to do with ability, experience or training, but when you signed on a government list.

Surely a fairer system based on subjective criteria is best for a beleaguered education system that is not producing results.

State school teachers are just one part of the public sector self-preservation society that strangles progress in the name of vested interest.

Teachers are not striking for our children or for better education; they are simply defending a broken system that fails to weed out those unsuitable to teach. The stats don’t lie.

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