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Charlie’s Soap Box: Don’t look back in anger

By Charlie Charalambous


In a few days’ time, you might notice that the island begins to tick over like clockwork – this will be because the entire political leadership will be in Switzerland.

The best political minds that Cyprus can muster will be converging on the Alpine ski resort of Crans-Montana for a date with destiny.

It goes without saying that the majority of party leaders are going to the peace summit with only negative thoughts in their personal luggage.

There’s nothing like a good Cypriot squabble on foreign soil to totally bamboozle the international community.

Picture the scene of aging Cypriot men in tablecloth suits trying to encapsulate the history of a protracted Cyprus problem to any foreigner willing to listen.

It’s ironic that the Cyprus summit will be taking place in a location where the freeze has melted because there will be plenty of frosty stares across the negotiating table.

Nevertheless, the hills will be alive with the sound of Chinese whispers, the rustling of non-papers, talking points and the sigh of frustration from the UN.

Closer to home, we will be able to enjoy an island free of politicians and premature talk of an election where the only candidates on show prefer to look back in anger rather than to the future.

And those running for president wouldn’t want a Cyprus solution to get in their way.

Most Cypriot politicians have built a career on the broken dreams of Cyprus reunification and allowing the barriers of fear and mistrust to grow like an invisible wall.

It’s safer for them to stay behind those walls than venture into the unknown, armed with a little faith and determination.

Cypriot leaders seem to get stage fright in the big arena, unable to handle the pressure of expectation in doing a deal that will end 43 years of hurt.

Come to think of it, Cypriots in general have low expectations of the people who run this country and the services they provide.

We can no longer think like minnows in the land of giants – but behave like our actions have consequences.

Be it on the road, in our schools, hospitals or somewhere in Switzerland nobody’s ever heard of.

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