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Beloved Smyrni and other lost motherlands

On 14 November 1922 a Revolutionary Court martial was set up in Athens, which sentenced to death former Prime ministers Demetrios Gounaris, P. Protopapadakis and Nicolaos Stratos, former Ministers G. Baltatzis and N. Theotokis and Field Martial Hadjanestis and also sentenced to life imprisonment former Ministers Michael Goudas and X. Stratigos.

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New anti-smoking laws

I thank god that I am not a smoker in the same way I thank god that I am not a name-brand lover because both are expensive needs. But while I could not go back to the days of sitting in an enclosed space thick with drifting, languorous sheets of smoke from other people’s cigarettes, let alone an airplane full of the same, I do not regard smokers as the devil incarnate as some seem to.

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Blue growth and maritime careers

Blue growth is the long-term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole. Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth. If we count all economic activities that depend on the sea, then the EU’s blue economy represents 5.4 million jobs and a gross added value of just under €500 billion per year. In all, 75% of Europe’s external trade and 37% of trade within the EU is seaborne.

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