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Cars burn in busy weekend for arsonists

Two cars were destroyed and a third badly damaged following an arson attack early Sunday morning in Limassol.

Arsonists set fire to the car of a 36-year-old Canadian woman’s car which was parked in the parking lot of the apartment block where she lives in Mesa Gitonia.

The intensity of the fire was such that it quickly spread to another two cars parked nearby, destroying the one and badly damaging the second. The thick smoke from the fire caused the block’s inhabitants to evacuate their apartments.

The speedy response from the Fire Services prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the building although some common-use areas were damaged.

In a separate arson attack at 9.29pm on Saturday, arsonists set fire to a car belonging to the Civil Defence in Lakatamia.

The car which was parked in an empty lot next to the building housing the Civil Defence was badly damaged before the fire was brought under control by the Fire Services. The ensuing investigation found that another five cars had been doused with flammable material.

Police in Limassol and Lakatamia are investigating the two incidents

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