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Campaign to quicken ambulance response times

The Health Ministry has launched a campaign aimed to reduce the response time for ambulances, which is critical to saving lives.

The campaign is co-run by Non-Governmental Organisation “Reaction” and will last from October 1 this year until 1 June 2017. Any emergency crew, including drivers and nurses, will have the chance to participate in the programme in all districts as long as they come under the Dispatch Centre.

The aim of the programme is to cut down the time between the time a call is received and the time the ambulance departs, which should be 90 seconds or less altogether.

Shorter times are the acceptable standard around the world for emergency pre-hospital care that contributes to saving human lives.

The ambulances will be checked electronically, with the clock ticking from the time a call is received, including going through the dispatcher, and finally having the ambulance on the move, all of which should occur under 90 seconds.

A private university will receive aggregate data, including global positioning system (GPS), and run an analysis.

Reaction has said it will award the fastest responders in each district, as long as the winners will have met the 90 second rule.

The awarded teams will win weeklong trips to Greece, covering both travel and lodging.

It was not immediately clear if the study could provide additional information regarding the time an ambulance takes to get to its destination, the patient, which could range from minutes until much longer times.

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