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Calls for Cyprus hotels to avoid double-bookings

Hotels are obliged to provide customers with a suitable alternative or financially compensation if rooms they have reserved become unavailable due to double-booking.

The guidelines were outlined by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) on Monday.

The CTO called on hotels to act responsibly to avoid double bookings and also informed would-be hotel guests of their rights if they are not provided with the accommodation they had booked.

According to an announcement, if a hotel cannot honour the reservation, the customer must be informed at least 15 days before the reservation begins otherwise the hotel must, ahead of the customer’s arrival, arrange an acceptable alternative the customer consents to.

If customers who have booked accommodation actually arrive to find it is not available, the hotel is also obliged to immediately provide an alternative arrangement including the same number of rooms at a hotel in the same category, with the same facilities, and in the same area.

If the new hotel is more expensive, the first hotel is obliged to cover the difference in cost.

If a hotel is not able to satisfy a customer with a suitable alternative they must compensate them in funds at a sum covering up to three days of their stay at their venue, the CTO said.

“Everyone’s aim should be for problems, complaints and unpleasant situations to be avoided,” the CTO added, calling on the hotel industry to avoid the problems caused by over-booking.

The CTO said it was available for any clarifications on 22691100.

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