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Cabinet approves witness protection bill for whistleblowers

The cabinet has approved a bill which offers protection to whistleblowers who report cases of corruption and other crimes to the authorities.

The decision passed on May 18 aims in protecting ‘whistleblowers’ and will be included in the national strategy against corruption.

The protection of informants is seen as a major step in the fight against corruption while the protection of witnesses will assist police in the difficult task of investigating corruption charges.

It is the 14th bill prepared by the Justice Ministry and will be submitted to the House for approval with the aim of promoting good administration and accountability as well as the prevention and tackling of corruption in Cyprus.

Another four bills which fall within the state’s national strategy against corruption are currently being prepared, two of which have been sent to the Legal Services for vetting.

The State encourages members of the public to come forward and to report cases of corruption in the knowledge that they will be adequately protected.

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