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Byzantine Route A Saintly Experience

Nestled in the Troodos Mountains is a real Byzantine treasure trove that reveals the island’s religious heritage in its very best light. With Cyprus situated at crucial crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean, the land is characterised by one of the greatest concentrations of churches and grandiose monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire. Holy buildings that have remained largely unchanged for centuries are blessed with a highly spiritual aura as characteristic chunky wooden doors open up onto an array of vivid icons and frescos depicting saints, apostles and stories from the Bible in all their colourful glory. With ten of these beautifully painted churches included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, days out can be spent driving through the areas of Pitsilia, Marathasa and Solea to spot their true beauty. The story behind the churches is as interesting as the discovery itself,with unique tales of mportant saints and apostles accentuating aflourishing ecclesiastical mountain life that lures in curious visitors to this day. Be sure to also make the most of the gracefully imposing string of churches dedicated to the Holy Cross which pay tribute to Saint Helen, Mother of Constantine the Great, who passed through Cyprus when returning from the Holy Land.

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