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Burglars take off with €100,000 from Limassol residence

A team of burglars who broke into the Limassol residence of a businessman appear to have been well-informed of their victim’s possessions, having stolen a bag with an amount of cash estimated at €100,000.

This particular residence had been targeted in the past, with the police investigating whether there is a connection between the two cases.

As the press spokesperson for the police, Andreas Angelides, said, “the Limassol police and specifically the Crimes Investigation Unit, is investigating the break-in of a residence where a significant amount of money was stolen.”

“The police is investigating all angles, we are in communication and cooperation with the victim, because it is crucial that all information and evidence is provided on his part to fully investigate this case,” said Angelides.

From early investigations it appears that the burglars entered through the front door of the residence, using a sharp object to pick at the lock. A security camera system that had been installed at the residence was not in operation at the moment of the break-in.

“We frequently remind the public that these measures must be taken”, said Angelides, and urged everyone with a security camera system to keep it activated at all times.

It is not an excuse that the time of absence from the residence will be short, stressed Angelides, adding that “it is matter of everybody acknowledging that times have changed, and our mindset needs to change as well, in order to take all preventative measures for our property.”

Cash theft at bakery

At the same time, the press spokesperson for the police referred to another case of cash theft at a bakery, and spoke of the need for owners of bakeries or other stores that work a full 24 hours to protect themselves by taking preventative measures.

“It was around 10:30pm when a person wearing a hood entered a bakery, and threatening the cashier with a knife, took the amount of €170 from the cash register,” said Angelides. He added that the perpetrator was described as being of a strong build, 1.80m tall, and aged at around 35 years.

Angelides stressed once more the need for preventative measures from 24-hour businesses, while pointing out that the police has already conducted visits to such businesses to inform them about these measures.

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