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Broadcasting Authority president resigns

The president of the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority (not to be confused with CyBC, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation), Alekos Evangelou, has resigned, citing personal and professional reasons.

Meanwhile the music channel Mad Cy has announced that it will no longer broadcast in an open zone, only a few months after receiving a state sponsorship of €200,000.

According to information from Evangelou’s close circle, he lately felt that he was neglecting his work duties at the law firm where he is managing partner, which is why he submitted his resignation.

Evangelou also claimed, when submitting his resignation, that the work load in his position at the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority was much larger today than when he had first been appointed president of the authority in 1998.

He has also informed the Cabinet and the President of the Republic regarding his resignation.

Almost concurrently with the Evangelou resignation, Mad Cy announced that it will no longer be broadcast publicly by Velister, but only through subscriber channel platforms Cytavision, Primetel, Cablenet and MTN.

The developments at Mad Cy had recently been discussed at the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority.

The authority had called on the channel to stop intervening on the programme of Mad Greece by adding local producations. It pointed out that such interventions in effect created a new channel and in such case Mad Cy must apply for a Cyprus channel broadcasting license, as the rest of the channels do by paying an annual fee of €51,400.

On its end, Mad Cy speaks of a “costly” digital platform in Velister, yet it’s worth noting that, although  the channel does not have a broadcasting license nor does it pay the annual fee as other Cypriot channels do, it received €200,000 in state sponsorship. The same amount was received by other small channels.

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