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British sisters’ search for Cypriot father comes too late

An appeal, by sisters Charlotte and Natalie Innes, for help in locating their Cypriot-born father 50 years after he disappeared, unfortunately, came a little too late as it appears he passed away in February.

Following the article on the two sisters and their quest to find their father by Phileleftheros on Saturday, it was discovered that their father, Andreas Nicolaou had died after a short illness in Larnaca in February.

Nicolaou’s photograph published along with the article on Saturday led to him being recognised by many of his fellow villagers from Limnia in the Famagusta district and family members.

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Andreas Nicolaou was born in 1940, was a talented football player playing for his local team while veteran Nea Salamina players fondly remember him as ‘Lisso’.

Phileleftheors contacted the two sisters informing them of the unfortunate outcome of their search.

“Oh my God, I didn’t know him but I have been crying since the minute I found out (of his death),” said Natalie.

“The fact that we lost a chance for a wonderful reunion with such a recent loss really hurts,” she added.

Nicolaou was buried on February 13, in the new Larnaca cemetery in Tersefanou.

The Innes sisters say their father – only known as Andreas to them, and who lived with his family in central London during the sixties – was never seen again after he was forced to return to Cyprus for his national service.

Their mother, Pauline Innes, then suffered a breakdown and put her two children into care.

Natalie, 53, said that after three years the two girls were taken out of care by their mother when her mental health improved. She settled down with another man, who for most of their lives they thought was their father.

She discovered what her real father looked like only after her adoptive father showed her a photo found in her mother’s belongings after her death.

In the meantime, people close to the sister’s father who are able to fill in the details of their father’s life have given their permission for Phileleftheros to pass on their contact details to Charlotte and Natalie.

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