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British MP urges people to use cannabis on parliament grounds (VIDEO)

Labour MP Paul Flynn making his case in the Commons for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in parliament on Wednesday, urged people to come to Parliament to ‘break the law’ and smoke the drug on the premises of the House.

Flynn was arguing in favour of legalising medicinal cannabis for patients with chronic conditions.

He argued that a number of European countries have legalized it, whereas patients in Britain are still not allowed to use the medication of their choice.

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He called for civil disobedience on the matter and urged people to come and use cannabis outside parliament and challenge the government to change its policy on medicinal cannabis.

“I know that I am doing something I shouldn’t be doing as an MP, but I call on people to break the law. To come here and challenge the government, the authorites to arrest them and take them in. That’s only way it’ll get through to the mind of the government which is set in concrete.”

Flynn during his speech also admitted to having broken the law regarding the use of medicinal cannabis on the very grounds of the House.

He said that himself and activist Elizabeth Brice, who was a sufferer of multiple sclerosis, had “committed a terrible crime” as he supplied her with a cup of hot water in which she had put cannabis in, which she then drunk.

Flynn added that according to the existing laws Brice could have been sent to prison for seven years, with himself following her.

Elizabeth Brice who was campaigning for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, died in 2011.

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