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Bad Karma: Darth Eide and the church terminator

In the holiest week of the year there were signs everywhere that maybe Cyprus took a wrong turn on the orthodox road to redemption and salvation.

Maybe the appearance of a black flamingo at Akrotiri salt lake was trying to tell us that our moral compass was pointing in the wrong direction.

Easter is a time when we feel the suffering of Christ and take joy in his resurrection (I’m doing broad strokes here), so it was slightly embarrassing for Archbishop Chrysostomos II being cast as a money-grabbing bad guy.

He went all mediaeval on a church parish in Trachonas by withdrawing €450,000 from its bank account and then threatened to banish them from the kingdom of heaven when they complained it was a non-approved transaction.

The terminator archbishop said he could take what he wanted, when he wanted – it was his church and his rules.
Point taken, but he didn’t actually say what he was going to do with nearly half-million euros of church dosh. I doubt he was a going to feed the poor with it.

The church establishment is very adept at taking people’s money but not so effective in giving it where it is needed.
Having said that, where did a small parish like Trachonas get to save that kind of money – there must be some very generous donations when they pass the tray around during Sunday service.

So if the church wasn’t exactly leading by example, the United Nations – in the shape of a puny Norwegian – made a mockery of the reunification process (not a difficult task to pull off).

UN envoy Darth Eide gave the settlement haters a huge boost by suggesting that the government should not get its knickers in a twist if Turkey wants to send a survey vessel, or two, into Cyprus waters. Basically Ankara or any other country can do what they please in our EEZ.

Talk about red rag to a bull – smoke from the government’s incredulity caused a smog alert in China.

For Darth Eide to be dubbed “more cynical and provocative” than his Oz predecessor Alexander Downer takes some doing. Welcome to the ‘peace process’.

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