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Authorities clamping down on ‘offending’ Latchi hotel

The Town Planning Department has called on the owners of a controversial new hotel  in Latchi to bring the build back in line with its original plans after discovering, amongst other alleged violations, that an entire extra floor had been added.

Situated near Akamas, the Latchi area is relatively  unspoiled although it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from other parts of Cyprus as well as overseas.

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As part of the government’s efforts to support the tourism industry and economy, the owners had been given special permission to construct a four-storey structure, two more than is generally permitted in the area. Instead they went ahead and built five floors.

Also, while planning permission had been given for the hotel to be a total of 80 metres in length, it has already reached the 100 metre mark.

As reported by Phileleftheros on Wednesday, the Town Planning Department has rejected a request for alterations to be made to the original planning permission to encompass the changes and called on the owner to return to the hotel the form described in the approved plans.

Polis Chrysochous Municipality has also been instructed not to award the structure a building permit and that even it went ahead and issued one, that it would not be considered valid.

The Interior ministry is also upset with the municipality considering the hotel was being built under its nose, the paper said.



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  1. I wonder who in local government is involved with this hotel. There must be someone to handle the brown envelopes and to deflect embarrassing and incriminating questions.