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AG probe over driver subsidy targets Green Party

Auditor General Odyseas Michaelides has started investigating an issue raised by Disy MPs regarding the driver’s subsidy allegedly awarded to Green’s Party president Giorgos Perdikis.

As an initial step towards the investigation, Michaelides has sent Perdikis a letter requesting his position on the issue.

“We will publish our findings once we have evaluated Mr Perdikis’ reply,” said Michaelides.

“This process is used to confirm the facts as recorded in our findings but is more appropriate to release the findings once we have Mr Perdikis’ comments,” he said adding that he expects a reply by next Wednesday.

In a press release on Friday, The Greens have announced that Perdikis himself has not received a single cent of the subsidy.

On Thursday, the party announced that the subsidy is being used to pay the wages of a party employee.

Perdikis, as party head, has refused to accept guards and drivers from the state. The government decided, in order not to create a matter of inequality, to give the party a driver’s subsidy instead.

“This decision which is ratified by the government and the House on an annual basis, has saved the state and the taxpayer over €1 million,” said the party.

The original subsidy was €1,500 per month but was reduced to €1,020 in 2013 following the economic crisis.

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