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Attempted murder suspect remanded for four days

A man accused of attempting to kill his victim by running him over in his car has been remanded in custody for four days by the Paphos District Court.

Police say that the 32-year-old man tried to kill a 34-year-old man by using his car to run him over in the Paphos village of Polis Chrysochous on Sunday morning.

The victim says the suspect telephoned him and told him to go outside before witnesses say the charging vehicle ran him down. The same witnesses say they saw the suspect behind the wheel of the car.

The victim suffered leg injuries and has undergone surgery at Paphos General Hospital.

The incident happened at around 8.30am on Sunday and the suspect, who reportedly fled from the scene, was arrested at around 2.20pm.

The suspect has reportedly confessed to being the man behind the wheel but denied meaning to hurt the 34-year-old.

It is understood that the two men had been arguing in the days leading up to Sunday’s incident. The exact reason for their row is not yet known.

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