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Athletics: Cyprus on the right track

Well-equipped outdoor athletic facilities exist throughout Cyprus, ready to cater for the training needs whether it’s exercise at dusk or dawn. A visit around the island’s many training grounds and will show how well-equipped the standard’s are to deal with the needs of various athletes.
All major towns boast modern sports complexes with high quality facilities, telecommunication services, meeting rooms and more.
A large number of international athletes have chosen Cyprus for their pre-season training in various track and field disciplines, including members of the British, Belgian and German athletics federations.
“What strikes you at the finish is how smoothly the Challenge runs,” said Steven Seaton (former editor of Runners World magazine) on the 4Day Challenge Marathon. “Kilometre markers and water stations pop up at metronomic regularity; the routes are clearly marked with enthusiastic marshals at every ambiguous point.”
Athletes who have trained in Cyprus include such internationally acclaimed, medal-winning individuals as Denise Lewis, Kelly Sotherton, Mark Lewis Francis, Tia Hellebaut, Dean Macey and E΄lodie Ouedraogo.
The climate, the wide diversity of terrain, the short distances between town, country and coast make Cyprus perfect for runners. Marathons and half-marathons regularly prove popular with local and international athletes, plus event organisers often offer athletes and spectators alike the chance to enjoy a spot of outdoor cultural entertainment after the race.

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