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Asteroid Landmark to grace Nicosia skyline (PICTURES)

A new office building will add to the Nicosia skyline, offering innovative design combined with unique views of the city. Named the Asteroid Landmark, the project will be realised by the C&A Toumazis Co. and Dion Toumazis Ltd. consortium, with construction set to begin by the end of 2017, lasting 20 months.

The new development has been presented both in Cyprus and abroad and already there is interest being exhibited from major organisations.

The location of the development is one of its main selling points, situated strategically along Limassol Avenue in Nicosia, opposite the National Guard and Police headquarters. Numerous major and international organisations have their offices in close proximity.

The building will include a ground floor, mezzanine level and 14 floors. The area offered on each floor will vary, with the smallest available office space being 320 square metres. A limited number of double-high ceiling offices will be available in an area of 560 square metres.

Two basement floors will offer 140 parking spaces for the building’s needs.

The development’s total area including the basement floors is approximately 10,000 square metres.

The building will be managed by the development company along the standards set by similar successful developments abroad.

It will offer a number of features, amenities and services such as: controlled entry and exit from the building, CCTV system, a concierge service, a staffed reception area, “a la carte” services, a Roof Garden Cafeteria for exclusive use by the building’s offices, and more.

The offices will be designed according to the highest standards, offering: high-end finishes, a building management system offering automated control of ventilation, lighting and other mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as high-speed internet, fire alarm and fire-fighting systems.

During construction, the development company aims to go “green” by minimising waste and accomplishing a recycling rate of 98%.

Bioclimatic architecture is embedded in the building’s design by using plants and other “green” touches as a basic ingredient both horizontally and vertically. Rainwater and water from air conditioning systems will be collected and recycled.

The C&A Toumazis Co. and Dion Toumazis Ltd. consortium is made up of two companies with over 50 years of experience in the planning, construction and promotion of large projects in Cyprus and abroad. In the last 25 years, they have developed a plethora of projects across Cyprus, with a large number of commercial developments on Limassol Avenue.

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