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APOEL fans travelling to Athens for Olympiacos game urged to stick to the rules

In light of the UEFA Europa League Group stage game between Olympiacos FC and APOEL FC at the Karaiskakis Stadium in Athens on September 29, APOEL Football Club has called on APOEL fans that will be travelling to Athens to support their team to take note of the following

  • In order to enter the stadium, one must be in possession of a game ticket. APOEL supporters are to enter the stadium from gates 26 and 27 found on the south-west side of the stadium.
  • APOEL fans as a matter of safety are advised not to use the metro. Those who decide to use the metro are advised not to wear symbols and club attire.
  • APOEL fans staying in Athens, especially on September 28 and 29 should for their own safety refrain from wearing any club attire in the Piraeus area.
  • The time schedule for the buses transporting APOEL supporters to the stadium and points of departure will be announced at a later date.
  • Fans which have obtained tickets to the game are called to meet at the stadium. Fans who have obtained on-line tickets for seats in the Olympiacos stands are advised, for their own safety not to wear APOEL colours. Stadium officials and police will prohibit entry in such cases.
  • To the south of the stadium, there is a metro station and cafeterias which are frequented by Olympiacos supporters on match days.
  • Entrance to the stadium will commence 2.5 hours before kick-off
  • Other team flags and banners with insulting, lewd, or political messages will not be permitted into the stadium and will be confiscated.
  • Satchels, haversacks and the like are not permitted into the stadium.
  • Fans should behave in a civil manner. Stadium officials will evict any person who in their opinion is not acting in a civil and decent manner.
  • Drunkenness, the transport and use of flares, pyrotechnics or other dangerous objects in Athens, as well as the stadium, are prohibited. Fans are advised to act in a decent and civilised manner. Persons arrested for any wrongdoing will probably be detained for a number of days.
  • Persons wishing to report anything to the police can do so at the district police station a 15-minute walk from the stadium.
  • APOEL fans are advised not to purchase tickets from anyone around the stadium as the chance are that the tickets are fake, they are easily detectable and entry into the stadium will not be permitted.
  • APOEL fans are advised that on the day of the match, to follow police and stadium officials’ instructions both in Athens and at the stadium.
  • Cameras with telescopic zoom lenses are prohibited. Professional photographers and their cameras require special accreditation from UEFA and stadium officials.
  • The transport, possession, use and throwing dangerous objects that can cause physical and material damage is prohibited.
  • The possession and use of alcoholic beverages, narcotics and toxic flammable substances is prohibited.
  • The possession and use of lasers and whistles is prohibited.
  • Once fans have entered the stadium they will not be permitted to exit and re-enter.
  • Climbing the stadium’s fences and nets is prohibited.
  • Smoking in the stadium is prohibited in the relatively signposted areas.
  • Invasion of the pitch is strictly prohibited.
  • Writing of graffiti on the stadium walls and anywhere in the city is prohibited.
  • Anyone failing to abide by the above rules can be evicted from the stadium without warning and without having any legal demands from the stadium officials even if they possess legal tickets. Furthermore, they run the risk of being arrested and receiving a large fine.
  • Gloves and balaclavas are prohibited in the city as well as the stadium.
  • The Cyprus Police advises Cypriot fans to behave in a civil manner and exercise patience both in the city of Athens and the stadium

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