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Ants in your pants

By Paula Manoli-Gray

I am not one to generally complain about summer, but one of my gripes is all the extra ‘visitors’…

I am not referring to visitors of the tourist variety, but rather, those who hail from the creepy crawly kingdom, and are out in their fullest forces during summer.

We have increased numbers of mosquitoes, flies, spiders and cockroaches – all of which I can just about deal with, but the most formidable bug enemy of them all has to be the humble ant.

Either you have ants in your home, or you do not. If you do not, then you cannot understand the torture that these tiny titans put homeowners through. If you do have ants, then you know exactly what I am talking about!

This summer, we have just about been driven insane by the ant invasion in our home. Not only does this new breed of ant move in ways I have not encountered before, but they also bite. A lot.

Despite barely receiving a mosquito bite, I have had multiple ant bites all summer. On one occasion I got out of the shower, dried myself with a towel only to find that it had been covered with ants attracted to my fruity smelling shower gels. I sustained mass injuries in that bout.

The other times, I have been in any given part of my home and randomly found a couple of the creatures attacking me. And the bites are far worse than those of the blood-sucking mosquito. Mosquitoes sting for food; ants bite for vengeance!

Just when you think you have wiped every surface, swept every crumb (my house has never been so clean), and repelled them, they simply move to stealth mode, camouflaging themselves on black kitchen worktops and working in the dead of the night instead.

This year was a revelation regarding their cunningness. I always assumed that if a packet or box were sealed, they wouldn’t succeed gaining entry.

Instead I have found that they actually gnaw through plastic and cardboard to reach the prize inside; grind up hard substances like rice into little mounds of dust, then come back for it later, bit-by-bit.

My cupboards now resemble the Fort Knox of food.

And whilst some parents are looking forward to autumn for the start of the new school year, I am just yearning for the days the ants go into hibernation… getting their fill on my stolen goods.


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