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Antiquity Route Historical Marvelsat Your Doorstep

With so many paths leading you back to the glorious past, the choiceof archaeological sites beckoning to be explored is remarkable. Steeped in a rich history that tells tales of intricate and livelyancient times, the island bears examples of some of the oldestsettlements and architectural feats that leave crowds in absoluteawe. Start off on the east coast with the ancient city of Kition inLarnaka that features temples dating back to the 13th century BC. Then head for new heights between Larnaka and Lemesos, withan impressive looming hillside standing as the proud home ofthe Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia, distinctly marked out bycylindrical stone and mud dwellings that lay claim to the earliestpermanent human housing on the island. Further down the SouthEast coast, the ancient Greco Roman Kourion stands as one of thetop ancient highlights with a theatre perched high on a cliff topthat commands a tremendous view of the surrounding patchwork land and sea. During the summer months, music and theatricalperformances really bring the ancient past to life. Then follow hecoastline towards Pafos, the town with no end of world famousarchaeological sites that stretch out from Paleapafos (Kouklia) tothe heart of Kato Pafos.

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