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Antiquities could bury Church development project in Paphos

A multi-billion development project in Geroskipou, Paphos, on land that belongs to the Church of Cyprus, could go up in smoke following the discovery of antiquities in the area.

The €3 billion development project between the Church of Cyprus and a Hungarian investor has already suffered setbacks with bureaucracy and technical problems while the discovery of antiquities could mean the end of the project.

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The excavations whose first phase is expected to last two weeks were given the green light by Archbishop Chrysostomos who is an ardent supporter of the development project in the area.

Archaeologists have already discovered the first remains of buildings dating back to the Hellenistic period dating back to 300 B.C.

Sources close to Phileleftheros have indicated that the first phase will concentrate on exposing as large a surface area as possible while the second phase will concentrate on depth to determine the age of the settlement.

The site has revealed Hellenistic pottery as well as Roman and early Christian era artifacts.

Further excavations are expected to reveal the various archaeological periods of the site and to determine whether it had suffered any catastrophes.

The fate of the development project rests with the Antiquities Department who will determine if the site is important enough to be preserved and to conduct further excavations.

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  1. Hooray-this was monstrous and unwanted project anyway that would ruin the environment!