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Animal rights groups slam state illegal trapping policy

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has slammed the government’s policy against illegal bird trapping as totally ineffective

The group claims that more than 1800 lime sticks and mist nets have been found by animal rights activists since the beginning of the year.

CABS along with Pro Biodiversity (SPA) organised their 10th annual spring campaign bringing together 12 volunteers from Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Slovenia.

The campaign was supported by the Anti-poaching squad of the Cyprus police, the SBA police, the Game Services and local police stations.

“This year we, unfortunately, witnessed the worst implementation of the law by the authorities,” said CABS General Director Alexander Heyd.

“There is anarchy in the districts in which they (poachers) operate,” he said accusing the Games Services of refusing to investigate complaints submitted by CABS while the police anti-poaching squad had handled the least amount of complaints since their cooperation started.

Heyd called on the authorities to ensure that the anti-poaching squad would be fully operational and efficient during the autumn in order to bring poachers to justice.

The CABS campaign which lasted for six weeks from March through to May uncovered 1834 lime sticks, 19 mist nets, 10 bird callers while six poachers were charged by authorities and are to appear in court.

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