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Andreou promised €30,000 to help in Kalopsidiotis murder

Already serving a life sentence for the crime, a Nicosia man has revealed he was offered €30,000 as payment for his part in the murder of Phanos Kalopsidiotis last summer.

Charalambos Andreou, 33, who turned state witness, says he was going to use the money to buy a car.

Kalopsidiotis, along with off-duty police officer Elias Hadjiefthimiou and his wife Skevi, were gunned down by Albanian gunmen Aleks Burelli, 49, and 41-year-old Ganis Vogli while dining at a restaurant in Ayia Napa on 23 June 2016. Vogli, who was killed during the shooting, is believed to have been shot by Burelli.

Andreou testified on Thursday against Panagiotis Pentafkas and Loy Dejan and their involvement in the Kalopsidiotis murder.

Andreou admitted to arranging accommodation for the two Albanian hit men in Nicosia and Protaras and pointing out to the two men the restaurant where the murder was to take place.

Andreou revealed that he was approached by Marios Christodoulou AKA Benny who was looking for an apartment for a friend of his.

“Eventually there were two men staying at the apartment,” said Andreou.

Andreou told the court that he and his partner, Sotia Neophytou were paid to take food to the two men staying at the apartment.

On May 23, 2016, Andreou, according to his testimony, was given a bag for safe keeping by Christodoulou, which he understood to contain a firearm. A few days later he was given a second bag containing a large gun.

According to Andreou, he took the two Albanian men to Protaras where they stayed at villas on two occasions; June 13-17, 2016 and June 20-25, 2016.

On June 14, 2016, Andreou revealed that Christodoulou had told him that “We’re going to kill Phano Kalopsidiotis.”

Andreou revealed that on June 14, he had also accompanied Christodoulou and a friend of his to Protaras where they planned an escape route that did not have CCTV cameras

“Christodoulou said that I would be the driver. I would take the Albanians from the villa in Protaras to the restaurant’s parking lot and then take them to a spot he showed me,” said Andreou

“I was going to get €30,000 for my role so that I could get a car,” he added.

Andreou revealed that Christodoulou had told him that one of Kalopsidiotis’ bodyguards would help them.

On June 23, Christodoulou received an SMS indicating that the murder would take place at the Stone Garden restaurant. Andreou described how he took the Albanians to the restaurant’s parking as instructed, heard the gunshots and sped off with one of the Albanian’s after being informed that the other had ‘taken a bullet’.

Of the six people – Christodoulos Andreou (33), Sotira Neophyto (30), Marios ‘Benny’ Christodoulou (39), Panayiotis Pentafkas (38), Dejan Loy (42) and Sophia Gregoriou (28) – arrested in connection with the case, Charalambos Andreou and Marios ‘Benny’ Christodoulouis are serving life sentences; Sophia Gregoriou was sentenced to 12 months in prison and Sotira Neophytou to five months in prison.



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