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Ancient people of Paphos enjoyed a pint

Archaeologists excavating at a dig in Paphos have discovered what they believe to be ancient brewery, reinforcing the belief that people in the area were drinking beer over three thousand years ago.

Experts from Manchester University – who have been tasked with leading the excavation – announced their first discovery of a kiln in the area – situated in the Skalia area of Kissonerga village – they believe was used to dry malt to make beer 3,500 years ago, back in 2012.

The latest findings, however, appear to back up their theory that the ancient people of Paphos produced and drank bear. An announcement by Cyprus’ Antiquities Department says the team’s discovery was made in an area that is of “particular archeological significance”.

The archaeological team claims that it has uncovered the remains of an industrial site which includes areas used for processing grains and for brewing.

But not all are celebrating after the announcement.

The Antiquities Department is reportedly unimpressed by the move of the Kissonerga’s Community Council to issue its own announcement about the discovery, something usually tasked by the Antiquities Department.

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