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Anastasiades welcomes new Presidential pooch (PICTURES)

President Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday welcomed a new member of the family to the Presidential Palace–a rescue puppy.

The puppy, who has been named ‘Frid’ from the Greek word for eyebrows ‘fridia’ due to his prominent eyebrows, was adopted from Argos Animal Sanctuary.

Named Lenny until now, the six-month old male is joining the presidential family several months after their previous dog, Leo, died.

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Speaking to reporters during Frid’s arrival, Anastasiades said that he really loved animals but needed time to grieve for Leo before getting a new pet.

“There are thousands of homeless dogs. They are living souls. And so, they also need love. I call on anyone who really loves animals to also keep in mind that they are also the best company for children,” the president added.

Anastasiades also noted the loyalty animals display, making particular reference to his own father’s faithful horse.

“I am particularly happy because I have been given the chance to have another of man’s best friends as my friend again,” he added.

Asked if Frid would be voting in the 2018 presidential elections, Anastasiades joked: “I don’t care who he votes for. In any case, he’s still too young to vote”.

Photographer Stefanos Kouratzis was at the Presidential Palace to capture Frid’s arrival through his lens.


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  1. That great for him but will he do something about the hunters as on Sunday two of our family dog were shot one was killed and one badly hurt all this we believed happened with in the village boundary the one which was killed was found by my 9 year old son!!!!!