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‘Solution should be based on international law’

Any solution should be based on international law, ensuring the full independence of an EU Member State and the United Nations stated President Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters after a memorial service in Spilia, Anastasiades expressed his determination to negotiate a settlement to the Cyprus problem in the upcoming Conference on Cyprus in Geneva scheduled to start on June 28.

“It should be borne in mind that any solution should be based on international law, ensuring the full independence of an EU Member State and, of course, the UN, therefore any preconditions do not help in achieving what we are striving for, ” said Anastasiades

“I believe that all parties should practice restraint,” replied Anastasiades when asked to comment on Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci’s statements that the position regarding no guarantees and no Turkish troops would scrap the talks.

“It is not possible to place conditions that while ensuring Turkish Cypriot concerns, on the one hand, disregarding the concerns of the Greek Cypriot community,” added the President.

“We are determined to go and negotiate a solution that will be accepted by both communities based on a multitude of alternative suggestions that can satisfy everybody’s sense of security,” said Anastasiades.

“It has been rightly understood by third parties, just as it was yesterday by the American side, that it is now up to Turkey. Security and guarantees and the withdrawal of the occupation troops and the territorial readjustments will depend on Turkey and it will become apparent whether her rhetoric is consistent with her actions at the negotiating table,” said the President.

Asked whether the issue of guarantees would be the first item on the agenda, Anastasiades said that the Cyprus summit cannot deal with internal aspects, except with the issues pertaining to the participants, namely the guarantors, the two communities, the Republic of Cyprus, the EU.

“The Conference will start on June 28 and we will concentrate our attention on the issues of guarantees, security and the withdrawal of occupation troops,” said Anastasiades.

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