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How Anastasiades tried to get Turkish troops out

At failed talks in Crans-Montana Switzerland President Anastasiades tabled concrete proposals on security and guarantees in a move to break the deadlock at the failed summit.

Documents leaked by Phileleftheros on Wednesday show the clear position of the Greek Cypriot side on how it wanted the post-settlement security arrangement on Cyprus to look like.

President Anastasiades also laid out guidelines on the territorial adjustments that would allow the return home of 60% of Greek Cypriot displaced with at least 50% of the island’s shoreline coming under a Greek Cypriot administration.

Under new security proposals Anastasiades wanted an end to the unilateral right of intervention which Turkey, Britain and Greece still hold under the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee.  Greek Cypriots also wanted to see a “drastic reduction” of Turkish troops.

“The last remaining troops…will be from day one in the process of withdrawal…with a clearly defined sunset clause, which cannot span beyond 18 months”.


UN-backed talks at Crans-Montana collapsed over a failure to make any sign of progress on the security issue.

As part of the new security architecture for Cyprus – Nicosia also proposed a multinational police force and pact of friendship between Cyprus-Greece-Turkey.

Anastasiades has always maintained that he worked for a solution in the Alpine resort but Turkey was not interested in a new security arrangement as it wanted to keep its right of intervention and maintain troops on the ground.

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