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Anari with fruit sweet preserves and nuts

Prepare the anari mousse: Place the anari in a blender or food processor and beat until creamy. Add the fresh cream and the icing sugar and continue to beat for another 2 minutes, taking care not to overbeat because it will curdle. The mousse must be light and smooth, and not too thick so as to be dry. Stir in the vanilla essence.
Place in the salad bowl about 1/3 of the diced fruit sweet preserves, 1/3 of the nuts and 2 tablespoons from each syrup, and add 1/3 of the mousse. Repeat the layers 2 more times, changing the syrup and keep the salad bowl covered in the fridge until serving.
Pericles Rousounides


500g fresh anari
250ml (1 cup) fresh cream
60g (1/2 cup) icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 cups mixed, diced fruit sweet preserves (bergamot, walnut, figs, bitter orange) + 6 tbsps (2 each) from their syrup
½ cup (50g) mixed walnuts, almonds, pistachios, coarsely chopped

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