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Ambitious avenue upgrade planned for Famagusta


The local council has announced an ambitious project that will entirely change the face of Ismet Inonu Avenue, one of the town’s main arteries.

Councillors explained their plans to modernise the road at a press conference, calling for offers for the completion of phase one.

Phase one of the project will cover the part of the Ismet Inonu Avenue – also known as Salamis road – which stretches from the Osman Fazil Polat Pasha Mosque to the Eastern Mediterranean University, as announced by the public relations office of the Famagusta council.

The plan will be carried out in three phases and will eventually see the complete transformation of the road, making it more attractive and accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

Phase one will see the installation of a new-generation energy-saving lighting system, the electricity and telephone lines will be laid underground and the pavements are to be redesigned so as to be accessible to wheelchair users.

Plans also include the creation of a bicycle lane, and a transformation of the landscape with the planting of trees making the city a bit greener.

Proposals will additionally include works which are to help the flow of traffic on one of the busiest roads in town.

The project is to be financed by the office of development and economic cooperation of the embassy of the Turkish Republic in the north.

As announced by council members at the press conference, phase one of the project will cost 3,450,000 Turkish Lira and will be completed in April 2018.


Addressing reporters, Famagusta council head Ismail Arter said that Ismet Inonu Avenue is the busiest road in the town, mainly due to travelling students studying at the various universities in the region.

“Our aim is to give this important road a face-lift and bring it up to modern-day standards,” said Arter.

The council head said he himself, together with the rest of the councillors, felt it was their responsibility to upgrade the road by adopting innovations applied in all modern cities.

Arter stressed the project was a very important initiative that will breathe new life into the area, and asked local shopkeepers to be calm and cooperate with the teams that will be working on the project.

He also added that the project would relieve the area’s traffic jams.

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