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Akinci: UN chief should explain reasons behind collapse of talks

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci would like to hear the UN Secretary General explain the reasons of the collapse of the Conference on Cyprus which took place in CransMontana.

Akinci said the UN is trying to keep an equal distance from the two sides, in order to maintaining their role as a facilitator of the negotiation procedure.

He said that there were disagreements on the chapters of territorial and political equality. “A thousand games were played in order to set aside the Turkish Cypriot demand for the need of a positive Turkish Cypriot vote in federal institutions where there would not have been equal representation.

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Akinci said that UNSG Antonio Guterres in his report regarding the renewal of the UNFICYP mandate in Cyprus, thanked all sides for their contribution and efforts put forward during the conference.

He claimed that the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side “showed more than the required flexibility to reach a solution.

“The most important thing is what is to be done tomorrow,said Akinci.

We have to live together in this country under conditions of peace and cooperation. We need to find a way to achieve this.

Referring to the withdrawal of Turkish troops, Akinci said that “a presence of 40,000 troops was preferred instead of a few hundred”.

Akinci said that there were clear messages sent to the Greek Cypriot side that the issue of guarantees could be reexamined, and that the sides had serious differences on other chapters besides the guarantees chapter.

According to Akinci, during the first year of the two-year process, significant progress was obtained. However, as claimed by Akinci, the GC side started changing their position from September 2016 and in 2017 distanced themselves from a solution.

He added that the TC side will evaluate the situation carefully and that all TC political parties wish to see a relationship based on equality with the GC side. Akinci said that the TCs will not be a patch to the Greek Cypriots, but will also not become a province of Turkey.

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  1. “but will also not become a province of Turkey” I mean tis gentleman no disrespect and appreciate the hard work that he has done over the last two years, however he more than anyone should know that it is going to happen. In my mind, this was Turkey’s intention from the very beginning. All the rhetoric from Turkey has been purely for propaganda consumption.

  2. Agreed. There is a reason that Cavusoglu kept insisting that Crans-Montana was the last conference. The Turks have never and will never deviate from their plans for Cyprus whether the TCs are happy with them or not.