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Air ticket scam hooks Facebook users

Hundreds of Facebook users seem to have fallen victims to an online scam which involves an alleged contest in which participants are eligible to win air tickets.

More specifically hundreds of users of the popular social media platform have been sharing a link to the contest supposedly set up by Aegean Airlines.

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The airline issued a statement on Friday to warn people of the fraud. “We would like to inform the public that a false and misleading contest is currently underway on the internet, claiming that Aegean Airlines is giving away free tickets. This contest is conducted without any authorization or authorization or any license from Aegean Airlines SA” read the statement.

The company informs the public that it has taken all the necessary measures to put an end to “this illegal and misleading action”.

“We urge you not to click on any link you are prompt to follow or share that link with your friends”.

How the scam works

The user sees the link to the supposed competition. He clicks on it to find three simple to which he has to answer to receive the gift. Then, in order to proceed, he is prompted to send the competition’s link to his social media friends and fill in his name and his mobile phone.

By filling in the form in question, the user unwittingly consents to multimedia billing services. The user consents to receiving automatic notification via SMS (which is charged) regarding the competition. Then the user is sent a message regarding the supposed prize he has won, which costs the user two to three euros per message.

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