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A criminal’s paradise

By Kyriacos Kiliaris

The Kyrenia Assize Court has expressed its grave concern over the rise in criminal cases in their district. In just seven months, over 750 cases have been brought before courts in the town.

The relevant data was presented when the Kyrenia Assize Court had its last session for the court year 2016-17 earlier this week.

The court’s last session saw officials come together for an appraisal of the year. During the court’s evaluation, officials expressed their concern over the rise in both serious offences and of misdemeanours.

Present at the meeting were: Melek Esendagli, the head of the local Assize Court, two judges, Erdinc Akyener, Kyrenia’s public attorney, and head of the local police department Ali Adalier. During the session, the officials presented reports on crimes that had taken place within the boundaries of the Kyrenia district over the first seven months of the year.

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Adalier, the police official, said the available data showed a serious increase in both serious offences and misdemeanours during the period from January 1 to August 3, in comparison to previous periods.

The Kyrenia District police prepared a total of 415 files regarding serious offences and 336 files on misdemeanours.
Akyener, Kyrenia’s public attorney drew attention to the variety of crimes committed. He noted that while there was a hefty increase in both serious offences and misdemeanours, new types of crimes had also been recorded.

Reportedly, Akyener was referring in part to a string of cases in which unprecedented sexual abuse offences had taken place.

Akyener said that while there had been an increase of drug arrest cases, crimes such as “carrying a dangerous weapon” and “use of a dangerous weapon” had also risen in frequency.

According to its own data, the Assize Court presided over 158 cases, ruling in 131 of them. The remaining 27 cases were postponed for the next juridical year, which will begin on 18 September.

Among other matters touched upon, the Kyrenia Assize Court also expressed its concern over the high number of traffic accidents that have taken place in the north. The Kyrenia district was particularly concerned with the fact that nine people had lost their lives as a result of accidents taking place in just seven months within the boundaries of the district.

After taking an oath, head of Kyrenia police department Adalier presented to the court a report concerning road accidents in the district. Meanwhile, Kyrenia traffic police have prepared a total of 3,225 files concerning traffic violations and incidents.

Adalier said that a total of 574 accidents took place over January 1-August 3. As result of these accidents, nine people lost their lives, while a further 123 were injured and needed to be hospitalised. Another 442 accidents saw serious damage to vehicles and to surrounding premises such as shops and houses.

Head of the Assize Court Esendagli, in a short closing speech, said she was pleased that no person detained or remanded had been forced to wait for more than a period of three months before going to trial.

The tribunal head also thanked everyone who had contributed to the court’s operation running smoothly over the year that had just concluded.

Esendagli wished everyone well, and said she expected the same dedication in the year to follow.

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