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Cyprus forum urges leaders to overcome peace obstacles

The Cyprus chapter of the Greek Turkish Forum have called on President Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci to overcome the remaining obstacles in settlement talks in order to find a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem.

In a letter dated May 18, the Forum addressed the two leaders in a letter with regards to on-going efforts to convene a Cyprus Conference in Geneva and especially with the impasse reached in talks between the two leaders on May 17.

The Greek Turkish Forum was founded in 1998 as an expression of civil society.   There is also a Cyprus Chapter with Greek and Turkish Cypriot members.

Meetings are organised regularly in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Although meetings are unofficial, the relevant authorities in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus are kept informed and acknowledge the need for the existence of such an unofficial channel of communication.

The Turkish Coordinator of the Greek Turkish Forum is Professor Ustun Erguder.   Costas Carras has been the Greek Coordinator since 1999.   The Greek Cypriot Coordinator is Dr Charis Psaltis, while Dr Erol Kaymak is the Turkish Cypriot coordinator.

The letter was signed by the members of the Cyprus chapter of GTF.


  1. Dr Niyiazi Kizilyurek
  2. Erdil Nami
  3. Emine Colak
  4. Dr Erol Kaymak
  5. Oya Talat
  6. Dr Ahmet Sozen
  7. Dr Charis Psaltis
  8. Manthos Mavrommatis
  9. Xenia Constantinou
  10. Achilleas Demetriades
  11. Dr Neophytos Loizides
  12. Dr Nikos Trimikliniotis
  13. Rena Choplarou

The letter reads:

We are writing this letter to you with a great sense of urgency given the unsuccessful outcome of your meeting on May 17. We were hoping that you would agree on the next necessary steps and make a joint decision for a new Geneva meeting that would lead to the solution of the Cyprus problem. However, we are now very concerned with the prospect of a new interruption of the negotiations.

The Cyprus chapter of the Greek Turkish Forum (GTF) appreciates that leadership has been essential to the progress achieved to date in the Cypriot-led peace process. The Cypriot leaders have demonstrated both leadership and vision in progressing to this stage. The progress made up to this point is unprecedented in the history of Cyprus peace talks that span half a century.

The Cyprus chapter of the Greek Turkish Forum encourages both leaders to overcome the remaining final obstacles and move on to the final stage of the negotiations of what could indeed be a historic moment, the significance of which cannot be overstated. A comprehensive settlement in Cyprus promises to pave the way for the social and economic prosperity of the communities on the island, as well as wider regional peace.  As we have already stated in a previous letter of the Cyprus chapter of GTF to you, dated 1 March 2017, the alternatives are unfathomable and fraught with uncertainties.

As the Cyprus chapter of the Greek Turkish Forum, we will continue, in collaboration with civil society organisations, to support a negotiated settlement for Cyprus in our respective societies

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