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AIDS charity fundraiser

The charity L.C. Positive Voice (LCPV) is a non-profit organisation supporting HIV/AIDS sufferers in Cyprus.

On April 5 in Limassol, the charity will host its first major fundraising event. The event will be supported by Totally Tina Tribute Act – tribute to Tina Turner and Rob B. Williams – tribute to Robbie Williams.  The event will be held at the Zante Bar and Restaurant, Troodos Road, Polemidia, Limassol.

Who are LCPV?

LCPV supports anyone concerned about, or with, HIV/AIDS in Cyprus.

The organisation was founded in 2014 by a group of volunteers. In May 1996, the Gregorios Clinic, a centre for HIV/AIDS based in Larnaca, opened. This was made possible by a private donation from the mother of the first person to die in Cyprus of AIDS – his name was Gregory. It is the only HIV clinic in Cyprus.

Derek Lainsbury was recently appointed as the new Vice President for LCPV. As a sexual health and HIV pre and post test counsellor, together with his diverse background in psychological practice and training, Lainsbury brings to the Board a wealth of experience in service development, national policy, guidelines, community engagement, education and research.

“I am delighted to join the Board at LCPV. I’m committed to ensuring that complacency does not undo the enormous progress we have made with HIV.

“I am keen to protect and strengthen the charity’s services in light of changes to funding, commissioning and service provision,” Lainsbury said.

Chrysi Iacovou-Harrington, President of LCPV, announced: “We are honoured to welcome Derek Lainsbury as our Vice President. Derek brings with him formidable experience of public health leadership. Together with our exceptional new trustees, he is ideally-positioned to lead the governance of the charity’s life-changing and vital work in the years ahead.”

Supporting LCPV is Dr Demetriadou, an HIV and sexual health consultant at Larnaca hospital.

“In my role as an HIV and sexual health consultant, I have seen first-hand stigma, prejudice and anxiety that those living with HIV face. There is a huge impact in support of people living with, and at risk of HIV, demonstrated by LCPV.

“I am particularly passionate about improving education and awareness of HIV and good sexual health, and exploring how innovative digital technology can be utilised to drive down transmissions,” Dr Demetriadou said.
Facts and stats on HIV.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. If left untreated, HIV can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

The condition attacks the body’s immune system, specifically the CD4 cells (T cells), which help the immune system fight off infections. HIV reduces the number of CD4 cells (T cells) in the body, making the person more likely to get infections or infection-related cancers.

No effective cure for HIV currently exists, but with proper treatment and medical care, its progression can be reasonably controlled.

A person gets or transmits HIV only through specific activities. Most commonly, people get or transmit HIV through sexual behaviours and un-safe needle or syringe use.

Fact: HIV does not spread easily. Only certain bodily fluids from a person who has HIV can transmit HIV.
Statistics on cases of HIV/AIDS in Cyprus are inconclusive.

There have been over 500 reported cases of HIV registered at the Larnaca clinic since 2012. This figure has been confirmed from ‘file codes’, as nobody at the clinic goes by name – always a number.

Appropriately, LCPV has merged with Freedom Dolls – a voice for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. It’s a harsh reality that many sex slaves become HIV+.

The lifestyle trend in Cyprus frequently steers towards “if you don’t have it – why care?” LCPV does care by playing a vital role as Cyprus’ leading HIV and sexual health charity.

For information on LCPV and Zante Limassol event details, contact Vice President Derek Lainsbury on 99-039127 or visit LC Positive Voice Facebook page.

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